Between The Roof

We were introduced to a site with a dilapidated house which was once occupied by the client for many years. This six bedroom residence was built keeping in mind the sentiment and context it came with. As the site was already home to the clients, they wanted it to be an ode to their home earlier. Apart from this the segregation of spaces had to be prioritised. The central courtyard is the core of this residential unit and the design revolves around it. There is a seamless flow of public and semi public spaces between the front yard, courtyard and the backyard of the house. The private spaces are placed on either sides of the central core to offer views of the open space while ensuring privacy to the occupants. Two gable roofs are provided over the private parts of the house while the public area has a flat roof reminiscing the times bygone. The gabled form is paired with rectangular massing and vertical grill work to create a minimal yet modern elevation.




6272 sqft




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