IHRD School

IHRD School

This project is an initiative by the Govt of Kerala. The aim of this project was to revitalize the existing educational facility at the IHRD higher secondary school at Thiruthiyad, Calicut. The existing structure was dilapidated and unfit for use, hence it had to be demolished. We took this opportunity to extend the block in order to include a central gathering space. Courtyards and central open spaces are indigenous to Kerala and along with the use of regionally sourced material, we have attempted to create a building that is an ode to the architecture of the place. This central space finds many uses and is the lung space that creates interest amongst the students. The varied activities are planned around it, making the central space the heart of the school where the students come together. The simplicity of the structure and the closeness to the vernacular architecture instantly makes one feel at home and provides a serene atmosphere for the students and staff alike.




18000 sqft




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