Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School

The client wanted to open the first DPS in Kollam, and thus the project had to be a canvas for bright young minds, while reflecting the quality of education provided by this reputed chain of schools. The unique shape of the site and the contours were some of the challenges that shaped the master planning and the spatial planning of this school. It comprises of three blocks, one dedicated to the administration and kindergarten, one block was built as the central facility block and the other two were blocks dedicated to academics and the hostel for students. The facade is predominantly white with integration of bright and appease colours so as to create an interesting facade but not to the extent that it can be a distraction. The school has many amenities like open amphitheatre, turf, playground, basketball court and residential quarters for the staff. It is lush with ample greenery and offers a serene and calm environment for the nourishment of young minds.




25000 sqft




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