Illam house

Illam house

Not often does one have a pond in a site that is dedicated to house a residence for a family. With the client in agreement that he too wanted to make the most of the pond, this unique four bedroom house is built with the pond woven into the built space. The public and semi public spaces have a view of the pond while a lavish open to sky courtyard becomes another focus element. A walkway leads to the entrance which has an abutting sit out reminiscent of a traditional home. The built and un-built spaces are strategically woven together where one has a peek into various spaces through lavish windows and large openings. The courtyard acts as a buffer between the private and public spaces in the house. The corridor that wraps around the corridor is again inspired by the traditional verandah with seating to enjoy quality time alone or with family. The courtyard and the pond are the core elements around which the various activities are planned and the same are used to segregate and organise spaces.




6000 sqft




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