Long House

Long House

Located in a posh locale in Edapally that saw a massive rise in development, this four bedroom house is built for a merchant navy official who wanted a home that was a reflection of his experiences across the world. He had a flair for art and architecture from across continents and he wanted his seasoned taste to be integrated into the aesthetics of the home. The design is futuristic and minimalistic both in spatial planning and facade design. The area available to build on was about 8 cents and had a mango tree around which we planned the central open space around the tree and the built spaces were designed in such a way that it became an introverted design ensuring maximum privacy and the best views for the inhabitants. The three storied residence has a lot of open spaces flowing into each other with green pockets and views woven into the design. The combination of glazing and exposed clay brick work further adds to the charm of the space as the brick construction is extensively practised in this region.




6710 sqft




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