The Bold Abode

The Bold Abode

Located on top of a hill, this 6 bedroom luxury villa is minimalistic yet bold in its approach. The design is contemporary with an aim to encash the perks that the location has to offer. The concept was to create a home that is not just luxurious in terms of the amenities but in terms of its scale and volume too. The location on top of the hill gives one stunning views of the vicinity and a panoramic view of the horizon. The planning of the house frames these views to offer sights that are simply extraordinary. While there is rugged stone masonry and exposed concrete on one side, the home also sees chic wooden finishes and modern minimalistic decor and furnishing. Contrasting ideas are tastefully blended to create a unique aesthetic for the home. Double height spaces, extravagant rooms and unhindered glazed surfaces make the experience all the more desirable. We had the opportunity to truly create something mesmerising, but we had to keep in mind the requirements of the users to make this design a grand success.


Malabar Montana Estate, Calicut


13000 sqft




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