Waterfront villa

Waterfront villa

This villa project is located in Calicut along a water body and houses independent villas nestled amidst terraces and landscape that offers a unique experience to its occupants. The design aims to make the most of its location as the water body is a highlight of the project. The master planning of the project and the spatial planning of each villa is done to enjoy the tranquil views of the water body. The project further encourages community living and promotes a healthy lifestyle. It includes amenities like a jogging track, open gym, yoga space near the water body and more. We have laid special emphasis on making it lush and green to compliment the serene water body which is the soul of the project. The residents get to enjoy generous spaces and views that offer a relaxing experience throughout the year. The design is contemporary while it is sensitive to the context and the environment around.




82,000 sqft



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